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Jan, 2023



Peckham Islamic Centre is in the heart of London Town. The Mosque is managed by a board of trustees, who are elected by members of the Mosque. The activities and financial matters are regulated by the Charity Commission and Company law in UK. Services include 5 times daily Salah in Jama'ah, Jumu'ah, Iftar and Taraweeh in Ramadhan, Eid Salah, Islamic lectures, Madrasah and Quran classes for boys and girls. To support the running of the Mosque and its activities, there is an advisory board which comprises of Imams, Islamic scholars and community leaders.. This Prayer Timetable App will allow you access to prayer times and much more. For more information about Peckham Islamic Centre please call us on 020 7277 8500 or visit: Peckham Islamic Centre, 12 Choumert Grove, London SE15 4PD --- If you like the App, please show us your support by submitting a review on the App store. Your review will help us improve the App Insha Allah.

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