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Oct, 2022


Oct, 2022



Simple, fast, yet more thorough than any other pregnancy wheel available for the iPhone, Perfect OB Wheel is better than just a replacement for your trusty paper wheel. Here's why Perfect OB Wheel is your best choice of gestational calculator: 1) Input flexibility: Start with one of: • Last menstrual period (LMP) • Conception date • Estimated date of confinement/delivery (EDC) • Ultrasound dating: Number of weeks and days gestation as of a given date ("X Weeks"). 2) Input speed: Other wheels for the iPhone make you conform to them for entering your patient's information. Why not be able to choose based on how you are holding the phone and what else you are doing at the same time? • Use the numeric entry pad (0 3 3 0 2 0 0 8) and immediately see the results, OR • Spin the date wheel at the bottom of the screen and tap Next. 3) Thorough results: All the information you would expect from a classic wheel, plus more: • Estimated Due Date • LMP Date • Conception Date • 1st Trimester End Date • 2nd Trimester End Date • Gestational Age • Conceptional Age • Expected Fetal Length based on standard fetal growth curves • Expected Fetal Weight based on standard fetal growth curves ("How much does my baby weigh, doctor?") Results are relative to 'today' by default; this can be quickly changed to reflect any date by tapping the 'today' button and selecting a new date. 4) Accurate results: Perfect OB Wheel provides exact dates and accounts for all calendar variance, including leap years. 5) Persistence: Perfect OB Wheel remembers the date and date type you last used and restores them when launched to streamline your workflow. 6) Perfect OB Tracker upgrade: Available as an in-app purchase update, the Perfect OB Tracker lets you track any number of pregnancies, with at-a-glance due date and gestational age and one-tap access to all the data Perfect OB Wheel provides. A picture and text notes can be kept on each patient. Postpartum tracking is also available. Passcode locking is available for HIPAA compliance.

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