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Jan, 2023


Jan, 2023



Take a photo of a sudoku puzzle in a newspaper, magazine or screen grab and start playing (or solving!) it instantly. Play the puzzle on the photo or switch to a conventional puzzle grid if you wish. Photo Sudoku does away with number keyboards, enter numbers by stroking the squares in the direction shown by the arrows in the App icon. Super fast and intuitive. The simplicity of a pencil and paper experience combined with advanced help, hinting and instant solutions. This is definitely an "impress your friends" App! Features: - Take Photographs of puzzles and play them - Instantly solves puzzle photos - Flip between photo and conventional puzzle grid - Unique number entry through directional strokes - Undo all puzzle steps - Pencil mark support - Hint support - Autofill & clear pencil marks - Game timer & stats tracking - Edit puzzle after scanning - Sample images to get you started

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