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Planimeter is a tool to measure distance, area and perimeter on a map. You can measure manually or by GPS tracking. You can also check the bearing and geo-coordinates of your location and share it. Points can be labeled, saved and shared in KML format. This measurement app is useful for outdoor activities and can be used as land surveyor by amateurs and professionals in various industries like sport, farming, landscaping, paving and construction, road building and repairing, real estate business, hiking and travel, fencing, lot building and planning, solar panel installation (roof area estimation), object mapping, lawn design, and many other where land area and distance / length calculations, land survey or maps are involved. If you have any question about Planimeter and its functionality, please check How To Use Quick Guide: Video Demo: Features: Accurate distance and area calculation Metric and Imperial units (m, km, feet, yards, miles, ha, acres) Angle between lines Bearings To and From the point Forth and Back navigation through points by touch on Info Panel GPS coordinates of a point GPS accuracy settings (if GPS available) Manage previously saved projects: open, save, share KML files KML files created by Planimeter can be imported to GEarth and GMaps to view on a desktop Send data by email: picture, coordinates as text message, KML file Save KML or TXT in local storage Map/Satellite View Zoom and Edit points Current location search Text (address) search Delete selected/last/all points Zoom to Fit-in and center points on a screen - quick points search Add points by touch Add current location as a point Show location with Latitude and Longitude coordinates Add points by Geo-coordinates: Lat and Lng Option to center last point added Option to show/hide lines Preferences: location accuracy, tracking time interval, delete points confirmation, sound option for tracking Separate units settings for distance, area, perimeter Target Mode for accurate pin placement Show current coordinates in Target Mode Stylus Draw Mode Full-screen option GPS TRACKING Manual pin placement in GPS Tracking The app has been successfully used in different areas: - outdoor activities: sports, golf (distance between two points or holes), bike tours, trail planning, travelling, quick path measure - garden and yard: landscape planning, grass cutting, lawn care and mowing, fencing, grass seeding. - agriculture, poultry and farming: harvesting, fertilizing, crops (corn, wheat, maize, beet, etc.) planning and estimation, field area measure, paddocks and area fencing for cows, horses, chickens, rabbits, etc. - solar energy: area estimation for solar panels, flat roof area estimation - construction: land survey, road sealing, parking lot repairing - forestry: objects and tree mapping, damage area estimation, measure land area - other: ponds size and are measure; pole lines planning; movement tracking; get exact GPS coordinates of way-points; fence calculation; geocaching. Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. If you like the app and find it useful please support us with your feedback and comment. Feel free to contact [email protected] with any questions, comments or bug reports.

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