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Feb, 2023


Feb, 2023



【Epic battle royale masterpiece】 Lots of events for you to explore.Climb to the top in PUBG MOBILE and fire at will. PUBG MOBILE is the original battle royale game on mobile and one of the best mobile shooting games. 【Extreme battles in 10-minute matches】 Prepare your firearms, respond to the call for battle in PUBG MOBILE, and fire at will. 【Tons of maps and modes】 PUBG MOBILE has many maps and gameplay mechanics that give you a thrilling survival experience. Find your friends and play the new modes together! Play however you like and fire at will! 【Play anytime, anywhere】 Relax and play PUBG MOBILE to your heart's content! Enjoy the smoothest gunplay for an unparalleled gameplay experience. 【Made especially for mobile phones】 Features customizable controls, training mode, and voice chat with friends. Experience the smoothest control experience and the most realistic firearms on your phone. PUBG MOBILE has the highest fidelity items and gameplay experience. PUBG MOBILE can fulfill any wish you might have. Choose from countless firearms and test your marksmanship. New items, maps, and modes are constantly being added to the game. PUBG MOBILE offers the most intense multiplayer battles on your mobile phone. Join the battle, gear up, and play to win. Survive in epic 100-player battles in Classic Mode, Payload , fast-paced 4v4 Arena battles, and Infection Mode. Survival is all that matters. Be the last one standing. Accept missions and fire at will! 【Follow us】 Facebook: Twitter: Reddit: Discord: Please contact customer service if you encounter any problems: [email protected] Please read PUBG MOBILE's Privacy Policy and User Agreement Privacy Policy: Tencent Games User Agreement:

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I love pubg
Jkdgenisbwgausj on 2023-03-27
I don’t have a problem with pubg at all it’s amazing I love it.I’ve been playing pubg for a really long time(2 or 3 years) and there aren’t any problems.A person wrote a review as well about pubg and they were saying that it has some problems I’ll tell you what’s wrong.The thing is that I’ve been playing for a really long time as well but I didn’t get to experience any issue but you did and that’s probably because your phone is very old there can’t be a problem with pubg it has to be a problem with your phone cause if it was a problem with pubg than everyone would have probably experienced it.Hope this helped you
iPhone 13 Pro Max 90 fps isssue
Redemptivex on 2023-03-27
Hello! This is not only me who is facing 90 FPS problem on my iPhone 13 Pro Max. It start doing lag suddenly and I can’t able to play it. I already tried to resolve this issue by going to Apple community support but they are committing this issue is not from them and we should contact the game developer. Whenever, I turn on guided access mode the game’s fps goes down to 40 fps. I want the solution. Please help me out I’m very sad. Now I’m practicing to play it without turning on guided access but still not getting stable or good 90 fps but this is better than by playing while turning on guided access.
Lag and heavy
rriiyyaann on 2023-03-27
Not only new update is glitching my phone and game would shut down on me. When you bring another update by taking out the previous one than why gb dont drop? It should drop bc you’re replacing it with the previous one. But for some reason gb stays there and when you get another update it comes with 2 additional gb? You’re getting greedy overtime, its not long until you’re gonna lose loyal pubg fans bc you seem to be focused on making money not caring about those who download.
Problem facing in buying uc
Muahmmad aamir khan on 2023-03-27
The overall experience is getting good in pupg mobile because i am playing from four years but now a days i am Facing problems in purchasing uc because its not allow any cash app or any app from Pakistan country only have payment method like master card or visa card So as a request I want that pupd add some other payment method where we can easily buy uc or royall pass i hope its can help us
Server Issues or High Ping issue
DragonSlayer0312 on 2023-03-27
About this game, it is the most wonderful game ever developed on mobile platform personally I like the game a lot but due to ping issues we could not play the day at its best kindly improve your servers so that users can enjoy the complete game you are offering. Match making is worst experiencing matching issue how can i rank up if it continues!!!??
Classic crate is scam of the century
S.Kamran on 2023-03-27
Its scam of the century, they only give m416 to noob and new players, WTF every noob have it its so embarrassing when you are a senior player amoung noobs and dont have it, thats not mean we ll spend more and more, people are not fool we ll not spend a single dollar till you make it fair, currently classic crate is not fair its totally scam
Bruce WaYne op54 on 2023-03-27
I am playing this game from last 5 years and its been great for me.And literally i am addicted to thiss game. But in this game device really matters if you have low device you can't win this game because of the registration of bullets and lag in high device's registrations are good so they can defeat you easily. But overall game is good
please stop making it heaver
sheh786 on 2023-03-27
on every new royal pass the game is updated upto 1 to 2gb that's took too far, thats not good thing because it make device heaver one day come when mobile with 256gb is look like nothing against pubg mobile update. now my pubg mobile game is over 18GB. That doesn't make sense pubg mobile authority should be think on it
Game related
Ali2615/) on 2023-03-27
What you made pubg us really worst, now this royal pass has to automatically recall, teammates are really worst, no any good feature given, other thing you have added too much wasteful mission, like wow related these make pubg worst form, i would definitely play now call of duty, cod is much best to play
Pubg mobile
awais herry on 2023-03-27
Such a good game this is i really enjoy this game when im free to my work i play this sometime i play all the day and really enjoy this and i want to say this please pubg mobile give me some upgraded guns skins because its my wish kindley give me some skins thank you 😻

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