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Nov, 2022


Nov, 2022



Beautifully designed Qibla Compass application will give you the most accurate Qibla direction up to a degree's precision on a single screen. It includes a beautiful compass needle pointing to North from any location in the world. Qibla Compass works without any data connection ! This application is available for iPad ,iPhone and iPod touch, and it will help you find the direction to the Qibla during your trip or at home so that you can Pray in peace. - NO SETTINGS NEEDED - VERY EASY QIBLA DIRECTION - FREE UPDATES - HIDDEN PERKS - BEAUTIFULLY DESIGNED QIBLA COMPASS - DETAILED HELP MESSAGES TO HELP YOU RESOLVE ANY ISSUES

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Tested in Baitullah
MujheyQnikala on 2022-12-01
I tested the app in haram sharif, facing baitullah. The direction was completely wrong. I had been using this app for a while and was very disappointed when I finally had a chance to test this app and a few others while facing Khana-e-qaba.

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