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Nov, 2022


Nov, 2022



Qibla Compass accurately finds the exact direction of Qibla (Kaaba) from almost anywhere in the world. Qibla Compass is the most accurate qibla finder on the app store! Experience the elegant and smooth flow of the compass that will direct you to the correct location of Kaaba. Then you can perform your salat with peace. Always asking yourself ,how do i find qibla (direction to kaaba) for prayer? Then use this qibla direction finder whether you are in USA, United Kingdom (UK), Malaysia, Singapore (kiblat), Canada, France, Germany, UAE, Saudi Arabia (اتجاه القبلة), India, Pakistan, Iran, Russia, China, Indonesia (kompas kiblat), Belgium, Norway, Netherlands, Iraq, Sudan, Egypt, Srilanka, Bangladesh, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, South America, South Africa, Africa, Europe or any remote area in the world! GPS qibla compass, very useful when traveling or at a new place. A must app for all Muslims. Will calculate the direction of Qibla even on your iPod Touch! ------------------------- Best part is that it's FREE!! ------------------------- ----------- FEATURES ----------- * Intuitive Graphics * Faster launch process * Help screens * Sharing options Twitter: For any Query Please email us @ [email protected]

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Not accurate
MujheyQnikala on 2022-12-04
I tested the app in haram sharif, facing baitullah. The direction is shows is completely wrong. I tested this app and a few others while facing Khana-e-qaba. Please don’t use

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