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Jan, 2023



Quantumult completely rebuilt from scratch, and includes a lots of awesome new features! Quantumult X is a powerful network tool for web developers and users who need to customize their proxies. For web develpers: - HTTP activity can record the whole HTTP request and response including body(HTTP debug should be enabled). - The MitM HTTP decryption can work for the traffics from TUN interface(MitM should be enabled). - HTTP rewrite with URL 302/307 redirect or request header/body modification or response header/body modification(Rewrite should be enabled). - Customized DNS settings for specific domains(IPv4 or IPv6), only can be edited in configuration profile. For users who need to customize their proxies: - Supports shadowsocks proxy protocol. - Supports shadowsocks with obfs-tls or obfs-http plugins. - Supports shadowsocks over websocket and tls(server side should be deployed by v2ray-core). - Supports UDP relay if the server supports it. - Supports different policies for network request by using customized filters(host, host suffix, host keyword...). Privacy Policy: Contact Us: [email protected]

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