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Jan, 2023



Quick Sticker Maker is the best app to create personal WhatsApp stickers. Easily cut out the part of an image you would like make a sticker of and share them with your friends and family. Make Sticker packs for your favourite moments, your friends,, your girlfriend, your family or your pet in following easy steps. 1. Create new pack with the name of your new sticker pack. 2. Easy step to add the stickers to the pack by picking photo from photo gallery or camera. 3. Design it, by adding emojis, background or text. 4. Edit and cut them with your finger instantly and see in live preview before adding to the pack. 5. Publish the Sticker pack. 6. Feel free and relax and enjoy your stickers on WhatsApp. MAIN FEATURES: - Create unlimited packs with a maximum of 30 stickers per pack - Use your camera to capture photos or select from your photo library - Cut the sticker by drawing the outline of the sticker with your finger - Add text and drawings to your stickers - Scale stickers to the perfect size - Add stickers to WhatsApp USAGES: - Personal Sticker Maker - Create Own Sticker - Custom Sticker Maker - Photo Sticker Maker - Gallery Sticker Maker - Free Sticker Creator - Sticker Pack Creator for iOS - Image to Sticker Maker - Sticker Design - Personal Sticker - Photo Stickers

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