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Dec, 2022



Resting heart rate is commonly correlated with overall cardiovascular health. It is an estimation of the user’s lowest heart rate during periods of rest, and is intended to be used as a medically relevant metric. Because the resting heart rate estimates become more accurate as the day progresses, the system may delete earlier samples and replace them with better estimates. Apple Watch replaces only the samples written by the watch for the current or previous day. With the Resting Heart Rate app, you always see your latest value directly on your wrist. This App supports all complications, so make your Apple watch a real Fitness Gadget!! How to Use: - ATTENTION: Resting Heart Rate only works if you have an Apple Watch! - The app needs to connect with the Apple’s Health app to display the recorded data on your Apple Watch, as complication or your Iphone. - Using iOS 14 you can add a Widget to your home screen on your IPhone to display the latest measurement.

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