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Sep, 2022


Sep, 2022



Register for your SadaPay wallet and free Mastercard debit and virtual card - Your wallet's new superpower. Enjoy spending, sending and withdrawing cash with zero fees. SadaPay has finally landed! Now that our license has been approved, we are currently onboarding users in order of their waitlist positions. One you've received the invite from our team to register your account, you'll be able to complete your registration and experience the future of money! Use your SadaPay card anywhere Your SadaPay card works anywhere around the world, online and in person. Wanna shop online with the lowest foreign exchange rates in the country? We’ve got your back. Your SadaPay card works everywhere internationally where Mastercard is accepted; this goes for our virtual card too! The world’s literally yours. No hidden fees Say goodbye to those pesky deductions from your account balance that come out of nowhere: no maintenance charges, there’s no minumum amount to have an account with us, and transactions cost nothing. You can also enjoy 3 free withdrawals every month at any ATM in Pakistan. Pay people in seconds - for free Why should anyone need to spend money to send money? Pay whoever you want, whenever you want, as many times as you want. It’s on us. A plus? We don’t do SMS and email OTP passwords. That also means transfers are as quick as taking a selfie. Lightning fast customer support We think getting through to customer service should be as easy as texting a friend. So our Sadanauts are here for you 24/7 via in-app live chat. We speak English, Urdu, and Emoji! Bad texter? Give us a call. We’ll always respond. You’re always in control Handing someone your card at the grocery store? Don’t panic: it’s numberless, so your info is safe (your card numbers are only visible to you in the app). If you lose your card, you don’t need to lose any sleep over it: you can freeze it with the push of a button (and unfreeze it if you find it again!). Keep up with the latest company updates on our Facebook and Instagram pages. Got suggestions? Reach out to us at [email protected] with ideas, feedback, love, or suggestions on how we can improve the user experience.

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jogggvnbgggg on 2022-10-01
ONLINE BANKING MADE SO DAMN EASYYYY. bruh the card is elite and if u a founders member u get another elite sleek black card. it gives so many discounts and is so user friendly specially the ui. it is the easiest and the most simple or sada ;) thing ever. The help/customer service centre is so friendly and the truly listen to problem and attend to it. Plus theres no large additional fees while international purchases just the 1.5 % for foreign exchange non pkr purchases which is the lowest in the country. the card is numberless which means nobody can see the card cvc n number which avoids fraud and theft the numbers are safely visible through the app. theres so much to it but yeah this was the short n sada review of it.
SadaPay Digitising Pakistan’s Banking
Himblebee on 2022-10-01
Hey there, i just wanna to let you know guys that you people are doing an amazing job. Before you guy’s, we were living in the stone age of banks! You people bring the amazing online and hassle free banking experience! And men! I love you cards, the way you have designed and pack it! It’s really cool. I know you people are still in the developing process but i would really love to see you guys opening account on customer needs base.
basitbhai12 on 2022-10-01
Just loved this app. Extremely fast transactions rate. No bugs or issue i have ever faced in this app. You can withdraw your money from any bank free for 3 time in a month , so now I don’t have to look for my specific atm banks to withdraw. Very quick and responsive live chat to help you out if you ever face any problem . They are always there to help you.Thank you Sadapay.
Solved All My Problems
Arsalan Azhar on 2022-10-01
Wow what an app! Before this, i couldnt purchase any online subscriptions because i didnt have a bank account l. I could not transfer money on time due to easypaisa glitches but this, transfers on this app are magical. Super fast. No glitches. No long maintenance breaks plus NO CARD FEES. The card looks super cool too. Thankyou sadapay!
limit increase
raadiya123 on 2022-10-01
overall the app has proven to be really good for me but since ive joined sadapay ive been trying to increase my account limit by biometric scanning and no matter how much light or clear background or steady i keep my phone and hand it does not take the picture it keeps asking me to hold still and goes inactive after some tries.
aleenaaf on 2022-10-01
Literally the best banking system. So convenient to use and the customer service is just amazing. Recently had a problem with one of my transactions and Sadapay’s customer service was so on point and fast and dealt with all of my queries and solved my problem so smoothly, guided me through everything. Honestly too good man!!!!
SADAPAY is the wayyy!!!
fakhar.jaffri on 2022-10-01
Super easy to use, seamless transactions and outstanding customer service. Sadapay is how all banks should be like. I never write reviews, but my experience with sadapay has compelled me to write one. I cant wait for further additions to the app like bill payments etc. Keep doing what you guys doing 💯
ducky sid on 2022-10-01
I am in love with your services. I was sooo fed up by the banking system and their nonsense you guys have made my life easier. Very good services MaShahAllah I got my mastercard also and now it has made online bankinga and other transactions very easy. Great job sadapay keep up the good work✅
Progressive approach
Zaara Naqvi on 2022-10-01
I’m quite satisfied with Sadapay however, I'd like a Cheque Deposit feature and Co-operative sector Salary directly in sadapay account feature! The Normative banks are envious of Sadapay! They don’t consider Sadapay a bank, I’m positive that Sadapay is easy and Bein more convenient everyday!
Bestest Digital Wallet Out There
abubakerjutt on 2022-10-01
Sadapay is literally the best digital wallet out there. When I turned 18, I was planning to open an account in a bank but then I heard of this app. I immediately gave this app a shot, and trust me, it was worth it. And now I’m currently using it as my main banking app!

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