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Feb, 2023


Feb, 2023



Register for your SadaPay wallet and free Mastercard debit and virtual card - Your wallet's new superpower. Enjoy spending, sending and requesting payments with zero fees. SadaPay has finally landed! We are currently onboarding users in order of their waitlist positions. Once you've received the invite from our team to register your account, you'll be able to complete your registration and experience the future of money! Use your SadaPay card anywhere Your SadaPay card works anywhere around the world, online and in person. Wanna shop online with the lowest foreign exchange rates in the country? We’ve got your back. No frustrating activation phone calls necessary No hidden fees Say goodbye to those pesky deductions from your account balance that come out of nowhere: no maintenance charges, there’s no minimum amount to have an account with us, and transactions cost nothing. You can also enjoy 3 free withdrawals every month at any ATM in Pakistan. Instant mobile top-ups With the option to make instant mobile top-ups within the app, you never have to worry about their online lives coming to a halt! While this option is only available for prepaid phone numbers only, we’ll be incorporating post-paid numbers to this very soon! Request money from your friends that have SadaPay Ditch the awkward conversations where you have to ask your friend to pay you back and just request the amount via SadaPay! You can use request to pay with other SadaPay users but we’ll be adding more bank accounts to this too! Say hello to effortless bill payments Whether it’s electricity, gas, school, hospital or gym payments, we’ve got you covered! With a list of 900+ billers and growing, you can pay your bills seamlessly through SadaPay! Don’t worry if you can’t find your payee on this list today, we’re adding more billers to this over time. Super-human customer support We think getting through to customer service should be as easy as texting a friend. So our Sadanauts are here for you 24/7 via in-app live chat. We speak English, Urdu, and Emoji! Bad texter? Give us a call. We’ll always respond. You’re always in control Handing your card to the waiter at the restaurant? Don’t panic: it’s numberless, so your info is safe (your card numbers are only visible to you in the app). If you lose your card, you don’t need to lose any sleep over it: you can freeze it with the push of a button (and unfreeze it if you find it again!) Keep up with the latest company updates on our Facebook and Instagram pages. Got suggestions? Reach out to us at [email protected] with ideas, feedback, love, or suggestions on how we can improve the user experience.

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