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Dec, 2022



■ What is the Smart Washer App? The Smart Washer App supports 'Smart Check' function that helps you to take action when an error occurs in your washer. It recognizes an error code in Samsung washer display and informs how to take action. ■ Supported Washer Models: - Check the Smart Check mark in the control panel and the information about them in the user manual. - The "Smart Check" may be represented as "Smart Care" depending on the language. ■ Please check these items before using the Smart Washer App! - External light may cause the camera recognition function to be incorrect. Adjust the focus and angle properly for the auto camera recognition to operate correctly. - Check the supported washer and smart phone models. (Other models are not guaranteed that they will operate normally.) - Depending on the font you have set in your mobile phone, Application's screen may look different.

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