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Dec, 2022


Dec, 2022



Using Samsung TV app to find your own TV. [Feature] 1. New and Improved Features a) New Main Page : Larger Promotion Area - Key Features and Link to SUHD’s Mobile Microsite SUHD TV (Flagship Model) b) Image Gallery (Lifestyle Catalog) - Provides a catalog of lifestyle images to connect with the consumer on a more emotional level. c) Most Viewed - Displays the top 10 most viewed products by each country on the main page for easier access to more information about the most popular products. d) New UI/UX - Personalized features (recently viewed models and favorites) are integrated into the top menu for easier access - A cross-selling menu has been added, and a list of similar models has been moved to the right. e) Improved Product Detail Page - Improved Product Detail Page are now shown in their entirety. Gallery: Zoom-in feature added. f) Matching AV - Recommends an AV product (sound bar) that complements the searched TV model for improved cross-selling. g) Up-Selling Recommendation & Comparison - Recommend higher grade model on comparison page Increase TV Up-selling opportunity. Can compare to TV product based on up selling TV recommendation logic. 2. Buy Now a) Off-line - Store Locator Displays locations of nearby stores based on the user’s current location to encourage the user to visit a shop and make a purchase. Not available in all countries. b) On-line - Buy now Tapping on the Buy now button from a product information page loads a page that displays information about online retailers carrying the product and their prices. Also has direct links to the purchase pages of the online retailers. Not available in all countries.

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