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Jan, 2023


Jan, 2023



● The one and only app with position animation! ● One of the first position app on iTunes ● 10 years and millions of downloads ● Best illustrations available on AppStore ● Try it! ------------------------------------------------ ● BUILD your own position with patented easy to use body posture spinner! ● MOTION PICTURE effect to animate sex positions!!! 

 ● CALENDAR to record every position or detail of those moments ● PARTNER CONTACT LIST with pictures ● Password protection ● Facebook share ● Very detailed descriptions with partners’ names
 ● Unique gameplay to spin up your sex life, and leash your creativity ● Customizable by gender and name ● Smoothing background music Sex&Roll Premium version is not just one of the most comprehensive collection of 100+ sex positions, but you can learn more about the historical background of the positions based on the ancient text of the indian Kama Sutra, Ananga Ranga or the arabic The Perfumes Garden, with practical advices to experience multiorgasms. Sex&Roll is a unique way to search, find and learn more about sex positions, and play with your partner. The two spinning wheels represent the two sexes and as you roll them with your fingers the man and woman join in the way the body postures indicate. Quite easy and straightforward to browse and find visually any positions based on the postures of the two sexes. Touching the beautiful illustration of any position you can find a description with customizable names for easy understanding. Sex&Roll is one of the most comprehensive collection of 100+ sex positions, and with every upgrade it’s growing. ● Features ● ● Unique browsing by body postures
 ● 100+ beautiful illustrated sex positions
 (full version) ● Calendar to record your events and partners ● Contact list of partners ● Descriptions by players’ names
 ● Unique gameplay to spin up your sex life ● Customizable by gender and name

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