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Jan, 2023



Download this version of Squeezy if you have registered on your clinic’s Living With Pelvic Health platform. Squeezy Connect is the connected version of the pelvic floor muscle exercise app Squeezy (and you will need an invitation). In addition to all the features you know and love, Squeezy Connect connects to your pelvic health clinicians through the Living With platform. Squeezy Connect allows you to share exercise plans and records, securely with your clinician between appointments. This enables clinicians to monitor your activity and progress, to better inform your treatment plan. Squeezy Connect and Living With Pelvic Health comply with the NHS Information Governance requirements. To find out if you are able to access Squeezy Connect, ask your clinician if they have Living With Pelvic Health. Or let your clinic know you’re interested in signing up here: More about Squeezy Connect: Squeezy Connect, previously called SqueezyCX, has been designed by chartered physiotherapists specialising in pelvic health working in the NHS. It is suitable for anyone who is seeing a specialist physiotherapist for problems connected to their bladder, or pelvic floor muscles. Squeezy Connect can be tailored to a specific exercise programme and set to remind you when to do your exercises. It is simple to use, discreet, informative and has helpful visual and audio prompts to support your exercise programme plus it maintains a record of the number of exercises you have completed. Getting support: You can visit the support pages for articles on how to resolve any problems you may come across: For further help you can submit a support ticket to the helpdesk: follow the link to “Submit a request” Squeezy Connect has been clinically reviewed and approved by the NHS for its clinical safety, and the original Squeezy has won several industry awards including ehi Awards 2016, Health Innovation Network 2016, National Continence Care Awards 2015/16 and was a finalist for awards including Advancing Healthcare Awards 2014 and 2017, Abbvie Sustainable Healthcare Awards 2016. The app is UKCA marked as Class I medical device in the United Kingdom and developed in compliance with Medical Devices Regulations 2002 (SI 2002 No 618, as amended).

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