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Jan, 2023


Jan, 2023



Design Your Own Wallpaper (including iOS 7 Parallax Wallpapers)! * Ultimate flexibility! Move your monogram badge and text anywhere on the screen. * Create 1000s of wallpapers with classic, preppy & trendy backgrounds, such as chevron, quatrefoil, anchors and tribal. Or use your own photo as a background! * Add stickers to your monogram -- in themes such as faith, sorority, 'merica, doodle, love, monogram frames & more! * Or make your own stickers with your photos! * Use a wide variety of font styles and colors THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS for more popular Instagram, Facebook & social media posts, DIY greeting cards, uniquely-you iPod, iPhone lock screens & more! Make... * Adorable art * Monograms in classic to contemporary styles!! * Personalize your photos with doodles and captions FRESHLY MINTED Looking for inspiration? Check out the creations by Stencil community members. Contribute your works to be remixed by others too!

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