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Storky is a reliable and easy to use contraction timer with no ads created by Bibino, a baby monitoring app. With the Storky app, you can easily monitor the length of your contractions and intervals between them. The app gives you the idea of when the baby is coming to the world, so you know when to consider going to the hospital or a birth center. SMART CONTRACTION TIMER Start measuring the contraction with just one tap of a button. Once the contraction is over, tap the button again to stop the timer, and Storky will begin measuring the time of the interval. INFORMATION ON CONTRACTIONS Storky provides you with a useful summary of the most important information about how the contractions work, how to measure them, and when it's the best time to go to the hospital or a birth center. KEEP THE MONITORING HISTORY Overview of the contractions and interval lengths are shown in one place so both you and your doctor can see the progress. You can also access any previous monitoring. SHARE THE MONITORING OVERVIEW Send an overview of your contractions to your doctor or birth assistant via email or through any other app to consult whether it's time to go to the hospital. BABY ON THE WAY When all the indications like contraction length and interval length suggest the baby might be on its way, Storky lets you know.

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