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Jan, 2023


Jan, 2023



Telemeter is a tool for quick distance and height measurement using device camera and sensors. You can also check height of your camera from known size object on the bottom surface in Calibration-Mode. You can quick estimate distances to objects or height of an object from the bottom surface. Especially useful if you need to estimate big objects where standard tape measure can't be applied (e.g. measure the height of a tree or building) and where the accuracy is not critical. Quick Guide on startup contains information about app calibration and tips for proper measurements. If height of the camera is unknown you can calibrate with known length (sheet of paper, width of road, etc) or height (person's height, fence, etc) Accuracy of the app depends on the way the app is used: Supported-Mode (e.g. using Tripod) , where your device is fixed at known height, provides much better accuracy compared to FreeHand-Mode due to stable device position and proper rotation. Accuracy estimation is also shown when measurement result is presented. Millimeters units are used in the app now.

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