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Translate Now is a language translator that allows you to translate any language. After using Translate Now, you will find no communication difficulties between you and foreign friends. The world is closer than ever with our language translation app. Bring the Translate Now Translator app with you whenever you need a translator during your travels, business trips or learning a language. Offline translator app provides not only language translation but also text translation in all languages. - Easily translate words and sentences - Translate text messages - Easily copy and paste text anywhere - Share the translated text with your friends - Simple and friendly user interface - completely free and faster - Copy and delete text with one click • Text recognition in hundreds of languages, including English, German, and French, with offline translation support, no internet connection required (offline on device). • You can scan and translate by turning on the camera, no need to exit and re-enter, the translation text is directly overlaid on the picture, which is convenient for users to compare and translate. • The translated text can be directly copied and pasted to other applications, which is a very friendly and convenient function if you are chatting with foreign friends. Permission Notice: Translate Now Translators may request permission to access the following features: • Camera to translate text through Camera Translator. • SMS is used to translate text messages. • Read the clipboard to copy text information.

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