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Nov, 2022


Nov, 2022



The TrustMark Home Improvements app has been created for homeowners who want to repair, maintain, or have renovations made to their property. The app will help to: • Take you through things to think about when making home improvements • Help you to ask some key questions • Provide you access to information, sources, and guidance • Give you more confidence in managing your home improvements. TrustMark has worked in collaboration with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) to provide practical guidance on the common risks to consider when undertaking home improvement projects. With this knowledge, you can ask a tradesperson how they will manage those risks to keep you safe and healthy. The app focuses on rooms and the most common home renovations, such as: 1. Energy efficiencies 2. General consumer information 3. Bathrooms 4. Kitchens 5. Repairs and maintenance Each section will provide helpful guidance on: • Where to start • How to find the right tradesperson • What to consider for insurance, planning permission and building regulations • How to deal with waste removal, dust, mess, and disruption • Looking after the welfare of children, pets, older people, and your tradesperson • Reviewing health and safety • And what to do if things go wrong. Other features include: • Find a trader – find a trusted local tradesperson in your area • Search box – easily search for key terms and guidance • Automatic live updates – receive the latest news, guidance and content • A jargon buster – helping you understand key industry terms. The following topics are being worked on and plan to be in next set of releases: 6. Loft conversions 7. Basements, excavations, and drainage 8. External extensions 9. Garaged and garden buildings 10. Landscaping and driveways 11. Living spaces 12. Adding content on energy efficiencies

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