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Oct, 2022


Oct, 2022



اب آپ بہت آسانی سے اردو ڈیزاینینگ کر سکتے ہیں، کوئی پوسٹ بنانا ہو، یا دوست کی تصویر پر کوئی شاعری لکھنی ہو، کوئی پینا فلیکس بینر بنانا ہو یا کچھ بھی، اردو ڈیزائنر سے سب کچھ آسان۔ ابھی انسٹال کریں۔ Write Urdu and poetry on your photos app is one of the best app that allows users to write poetry and Urdu text on photos. This Urdu on photos app contains different poets of poetry. Urdu on photos app gives many options to write poetry and Urdu text on photos. Users can select an image from the gallery or capture the picture from the camera. اپنی تصاویر پر اردو اشعار لکھیں اور دوستوں کے ساتھ شئیر کریں Urdu on photos app allows the user to write any kind of poetry. App users can write Urdu and poetry from other sources. This Urdu on photos app has the feature of different filter and colors. Users can reset the font size and style according to their interests. Urdu on photos app is a unique app that gives the option to user to write Urdu or poetry on photos in a different way. This app is useful for those who cannot use software this app is very easy to write Urdu and photos on the app. This app allows you to change the background from your pictures and offers a variety of quotes that users can use in photos. Photo Editor:- this Urdu on photos has an option of photo text editor user can edit photos and background and choose different filters for pictures to make it representable Text Editor: This app allows users to edit text easily a user can easily choose the text for photos Fonts and text could be adjusted easily. Features:- You can easily add romantic or any type of poetry to your photos. You can add Urdu text on photos. You can easily add Urdu poetry Shayari on photos. You can adjust the size and font of your text and rotate it everywhere. Send Urdu poetry and write own poetry also. Download Urdu on photos app and create your adorable photos with Urdu poetry on them and share it with your friends.

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