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Jan, 2023


Jan, 2023



Get the most sophisticated app available for your Valentine V1 Radar Locator! Set lockouts with unique attributes per lockout like distance (radius) and bands (X, Ku, K, Ka)! • Exclusive Hotspot Alerts - only available with our V1 Radar Connect Pro! • Lockout nuisance alerts with notification • User set distance per lockout notice and per hotspot alert • Instantly map Lockouts and Hotspots • Optionally auto connect to V1 and GPS • Change V1 operating mode from app • Auto mute after user set time • Auto mute under user set vehicle speed • Display GPS speed in mph and kph • Set V1 dark mode from app • Manually mute alerts from app • Manage and map lockouts and hotspots • Displays priority alert frequency • Displays radar alert band • Displays alert direction • Displays number of alerts • Vehicle speed display • Runs in background • And more! Exclusive Hotspot Alerts warns you of areas where instant-on radar or laser (LIDAR) is often used or known speed traps are set up as well as red light cameras. Works in all countries in all modes - Standard (US), Euro, and Custom Sweeps. "Hands down the best companion app for Valentine V1 Radar Detectors!" - Speed Counter Measurement Expert Note: Requires V1connection LE for iOS (Bluetooth)

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