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Dec, 2022



Get healthier and gain more benefits with VeoSens! VeoSens is a service that helps you better manage your health by understanding your lifestyle and physical state. Using the most recent month’s bio-signals recorded by your smartwatch, VeoSens provides you with health scores: activity, fitness, heart, and sleep. That means, the higher your scores, the better your health is. So, the higher the scores, the more insurance coverage benefits you can obtain. HEALTH SCORES: Activity score measures how physically active you are. The intensity minutes are calculated during physical activity depending on your heart rate. The intensity will fall into light, moderate or vigorous and the more energy you exert during an activity, the more weight is given to your intensity minutes. You’ll obtain higher scores if you log over 150 intensity minutes each week, and even higher scores if you go over 300 Intensity Minutes. Fitness score measures cardiorespiratory fitness. If you do above-moderate exercise, your smartwatch will automatically detect it, and measure your heart rate and the number of calories burned. Based on the data collected during the exercise, BMI, and resting heart rate (RHR), VeoSens determines your VO2 max. The higher your VO2 max is, the higher your cardiorespiratory endurance is. You could receive a higher fitness score if you improve your VO2 max by engaging in exercise regularly. Heart score measures your heart health. It’s a comprehensive score that’s determined by your continuously monitored heart rate. The healthier one’s heart is, the lower the RHR (resting heart rate) is. Having a lower RHR (resting heart rate) means your heart is working more efficiently by pumping less. You can improve this score by adopting healthy habits such as regular exercise, managing your stress level, eating healthy, and getting adequate sleep. Sleep Score is measured by how long, regularly and well you’re sleeping. You’ll receive a higher score if you get restful sleep for about 7 to 9 hours a night, and have the same bedtime and wake-up times. A good night’s rest requires that you have the right proportion of light, deep, and REM sleep. How much you wake, move, and spend in each sleep stage also effects your overall sleep score. INSURANCE COVERAGE Broaden your insurance coverage by wearing your smartwatch, and improving your health scores. VeoSens-incorporated insurance packages provide better coverage than others do. Also, if you wear your smartwatch so that it gathers enough health data, you can get additional coverage. You can earn an even higher bonus when your health scores reach their target levels. USEFUL FEATURES Start with one easy-to-achieve goal at a time to develop healthy habits. Set health goals so you can feel a sense of accomplishment, and see steady achievement. By naturally adopting a healthier lifestyle, your scores will improve as a result. Increase your intensity minutes by having a healthy competition with others. Compete with others each month to see who can get the most intensity minutes. You’ll notice that your challenge rank has gone up, your image placed on a better badge. Get insights from your lifestyle and physical state. VeoSens sends you an insight message when your lifestyle and health start showing noticeable changes. You can use this message to track your progress, and set new goals. Using My Goals, Challenge, and Insight, VeoSens will stay by your side, and help you build new and healthy habits. * VeoSens is only available in South Africa. * VeoSens is only available for users who buy VeoSens-incorporated insurance packages. (Buy VeoSens-incorporated insurance packages here: * VeoSens requires a Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2.

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