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Feb, 2023



Quickly unscramble words and phrases from any word jumble or scramble puzzle such as Scrabblẹ or Words With Friends. Just enter the scrambled letters and the app will find all the possible full or partial word matches. Select any of the following word lists for finding matches: --American English (~100,000 words) (Standard & Proper Names) --British English (~100,000 words) (Standard & Proper Names) --TWL (~175,000 words) (USA/Canada Scrabblẹ tournament word list) --ENABLE (~175,000 words) (The Enhanced North American Benchmark Lexicon) --SOWPODS (~275,000 words) (British/Australian Scrabblẹ tournament word list) --ODS (~375,000 words) (French Scrabblẹ tournament word list) Sort the results based on any of the following criteria: (The iPhone/iPod will only display 1 sorted column at a time. The iPad will display 3 individually sorted columns at a time (2 columns in portrait mode)) --Match Percentage --Word Score --Word Score (2-letter words only) --Word Score (3-letter words only) --Word Score (4-letter words only) --Match Percentage, then Word Score --Word Score, then Match Percentage --Word Length (Ascending/Descending) --Alphabetical (Ascending/Descending) When sorting by word score, the following scoring rules can be used: --Scrabblẹ (English) --Words With Friends (English) --Scrabblẹ (French) Select a word result to look up the definition on an online dictionary site. The following sites can be used: --Wiktionary (English) --Wiktionary (French) You can enter multiple scrambled words at a time. You can also use a question mark (?) character in your scrambled input to represent a wildcard or blank tile. Available on both the iOS and macOS App Stores.

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