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Expand your knowledge of the world with 3 Top World Maps & Facts apps in one convenient bundle and save! Features 3 Top Apps: - World Map 2020 - World Facts 2020 - USA Maps Pro Users Love the World Maps & Facts Bundle Apps ==================================== World Map - 5 Star Review I’ve tried some different map apps, and this is by far the best. There is a series of good features like the time zone map, political borders, and major cities. No WiFi needed and it’s super well-laid out. - Steven World Map - 5 Star Review I love this app! Very comprehensive coverage physical map, topography, and time zones. It’s my go to map every time I want to look up specifics of a country I’m not familiar with. - Snoids World Facts & Statistics - 5 Star Review I am 81 yrs and just discovered this app. I started using it and was amazed at the information I found. I just stopped, to say, “Thank You”. I can’t wait for the chance to impress my grandchildren. - Excited Grams World Facts & Statistics - 5 Star Review I have used this a few times for countries that I have visited and going to visit. This is very thorough and very interesting and informative. A good tool for children doing studies, worth the cost. - DFM Download the app bundle offer today

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