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Dec, 2022



Daily Fitness - Yoga Poses is advanced fitness app that provides Yoga Poses with complete detail of Yoga on how to perform the Yoga in easiest way along with the Benefits of specific Yoga Pose. This app is also providing the near by Yoga Studio and Fitness Center around your location. And this allows to get up-to-date fitness and yoga related news to be healthy and fit. YOGA POSES: ● This app provides around 121 Yoga Poses with graphical representation and name of the Poses. ● Get the steps how to follow each Yoga in detail with step by step instructions. ● Provides benefits and also gives warning about some Yoga that providing information who should nor perform such poses under some conditions. ● Here are some of the Yoga Poses we have in the app: - Adho Mukha Svanasana - Advasana - Anahatasana - Ardha Chandrasana - Ardha Chakrasana - Ashtanga Namaskara - Baddha Padmasana - Balasana - Bhujangasana - Brahmacharyasana - Chakrasana - Dandasana - Eka Padasana - Garbhasana - Garudasana - Gomukhasana - Halasana - Hanumanasana - Makarasana - Matsyasana - Mayurasana - Naukasana - Padmasana - Padahastasana - Parivritta - Parvatasana - Pranamasana - Sarvangasana - Setu Asana - Shalabhasana - Shashankasana - Shavasana - Sirsasana - Sukhasana - Surya Namaskara - Ushtrasana - Vajrasana - Vakrasana YOGA MUDRAS: - Adi Mudra - Aditi Mudra - Akasha Mudra - Back Mudra - And many more FITNESS YOGA CALENDAR: ● Easy to create Fitness Plans ● View Daily Fitness Courses in Calendar ● Get notification for Fitness Courses everyday. FIND YOGA PLACES: ● Find near by Yoga Places and Fitness Studio around your location. ● Get distance from the place to your current location. ● Get accurate direction for the Yoga place with side by side navigation. ● Find Yoga place on Map in the detail screen. ● Get full Address, phone number and website of the selected place. LATEST YOGA NEWS: ● Get upto date with latest Yoga and Fitness news using Google News. ● Allows everyone to get updated news on Fitness and benefits of Yoga everyday. ● Free to use. USAGES: ● Fitness Trainer ● Yoga Master ● Yoga Mudras ● Yoga Place Finder ● Fitness Studio Finder ● Yoga News ● Fitness News

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