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Jul, 2020


Jul, 2020



More than 1.5 million downloads and a 4,3 star rating! Give it a try, and see if you get addicted!!!!! WARNING - ONLY FOR SMART PEOPLE !!! Crazy Formula is a truly addicted puzzle/board game where you arrange lab tubes so special formulas (different colors) can pass throw and arrives to the final component in the write way. You can split the formulas (colors), mixing two or more formulas to achieve a different one, change colors, delay flow, etc. If you are familiar with some puzzle games where you have to mix primary and secundary colors, than Crazy Formula is the right game for you! Features: - Challenging and progressive levels; - 5 "books of formulas" and a special final book; - Tutorials in the key levels; - Intuitive game play: drag tubes, mixing colors, delay flow, change colors; - Game Center with achievements; (not available in lite version) - Original graphics and sounds; Buy the full game for a complete "Crazy" lab experience!!

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