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Tons of funny jokes, memes and funny videos to laugh and share with friends. New jokes and memes everyday! Come laugh at the best jokes, funny memes and videos of the internet. Vote, comment, upload/download and share with your friends. In Joke4Fun you can find all sorts of jokes and funny memes: - Watch a compilation of funny cat videos, cat memes, funny dogs and other funny animals videos and pictures - Laugh out loud with the funniest trump memes and other political jokes - Funny pick up lines that are cute and flattering (and also some corny and cheesy pick up lines to lol) - Happy birthday memes for you to share with the special one - Laugh at the funniest knock knock jokes - Tons of nsfw jokes and gif that you shouldn’t see at work - A compilations of short, clean jokes that are appropriate for kids and adults - Corny jokes that are actually funny - Listen to the best comedy podcasts of the internet Lots of laughs guaranteed!

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