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Radio, TV Reporters & Journalists – PROFESSIONAL HD QUALITY BROADCASTING APPLICATION *** Used by ABC,BBC, ESPN, RNW, XM and many more *** Luci Live Lite is an already well established, award winning broadcasting application by Technica Del Arte that allows reporters to stream live audio to and from the studio. Luci Live Lite works two-way is compatible with many different types of professional IP-codecs. Luci Live Lite is also available on other mobile platforms and is well respected by many users. List of features * N/ACIP or RTP low-delay streaming, two-way, so including return channel * G722 codec, mono. * ULCC codec, mono. Ultra low latency and full bandwidth audio at 252 kbps. Use compatible receivers like Luci Studio to receive ULCC streams. * Excellent broadcast quality * Constantly updated to the latest IP-technology and standards * Free helpdesk via email To connect a professional microphone and headset, MIKI cables for iPhone can be ordered at Suitable for iPhone 3GS and higher , all iPad models and iPod Touch 3rd gen. Also look at the full Luci Live which will bring you: - many more codecs: MP2,AAC, AAC-HE, AAC-HEV2,G711,G722,ULCC,Linear - 24-bit ULCC audio codec, 44.1 to 192 kHz sample-rate. - 1-Way shoutcast/icecast streaming - Record while broadcasting - Play prerecorded material while broadcasting - Edit & Upload files to your favourite newsroom systems - Stream cloning, send redundant streams via 3G/4G and Wifi simultaneously - Video streaming - Video recording while broadcasting - Video editing & upload to your favourite newsroom systems

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