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Jun, 2020


Jun, 2020



• RssBook is a classical style rss reader with complete and powerful features. • Support for Feedly sync service / standalone rss reader. ----------------- Many people like magazine views. Many people like social briefings. But we still need the complete classical reader of highest quality. ----------------- 1) Ultimate offline reading. -Unlimited article/image saving capability. -Fine control of sync setting. -Great performance even for large articles. 2) Rich grouping and filtering. -Grouped by feed, label, tag, author,date, starred.... -Filtered by unread, Facebook like count, recent days.... -Every folder can be re-grouped or filtered. 3) Intuitive UI: Sliding Navigation. -Sliding navigation - intuitive way of folder and article navigation. -Universal app, consistent UI for iPad and iPhone. -iPad multitasking supported. 4) Socially bound. -While syncing, Facebook count also updated and displayed in article list. -When reading article, it display social bar for Twitter and Facebook. 5) And more -Background Sync: Get synced while you're sleeping. -Image gallery view. -Article thumbnail generation. -Local Link: If a link is already stored in local, it loads saved entry automatically. -Extendable long press menu on web view(Wikipedia, Google search, user define). -Add a folder to root with custom grouping or filtering.

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