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RSS Push Notifications for your iPhone or iPod Touch that just works! Languages: English, 日本語, Português FEATURES: * Push Notifications for your feeds. * Push Headnews. * Built-in browser * Folders to better organize your feeds. * Browse all articles inside the folder. * Read All button. * Share to Pocket, Instapaper, Email, Safari and Messages. * Search with save function. * Option to Hide or Show viewed articles. For faster reading, just enable this feature in the Settings session. * Bookmark articles. * Bookmark folders to organize your favorite articles. You can Create/Edit/Remove the bookmark folders at any time. * In-app browser. You don't need to switch to Safari to open web pages when viewing articles, But if you need to go to Safari, there's a quick and easy button for that! * In-app email for sharing articles, so you don't need to switch to Mail App. * Search whatever you need in all or only selected feeds. You can also save as many searches you want and manage them later. You'll receive Push Notifications ( Alert, Badge count and Sound ) on your favorite news stories as soon they come out. And you can also customize this notification by selecting the “ON or OFF” switch for each news feed to which you've subscribed. Naturally, you'll need folders to organize your feeds, and Simple RSS+ can do that easily too! You can also move feeds between folders, and rename or remove them any time you wish. And each time you get new feeds into your folders or receive new articles, the folder icon will show you how many articles there still unread. You can also store your favorite articles and create bookmark folders to help keep them all organized. And of course, you can move the articles between the bookmark folders too. Simple RSS+ have a powerful search tool that enables you to define the search criteria for your feeds. Save the search and the next time you open it, the new articles that match your criteria will be there automatically. You can also edit your saved searches or move them into any folder to keep everything organized. ##################### 日本語 ##################### お気に入りのサイトをチェックできるシンプルなRSSリーダーです。 サイトのRSSフィードを登録すれば、簡単にサイトの更新確認や閲覧が出来ます。 アプリの機能 ========== • 記事の更新時はプッシュ通知でお知らせ • 登録したサイトの閲覧 • 未読記事の件数表示 • ニュース ブックマーク • 検索機能 • 検索キーワード保存機能 シェアー ======= • Pocket • メール • メッセージ

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