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Symbophonics Star Words Star Words is a sequel to World of Symbophonics. World of Symbophonics leads a child through the early steps of learning to read using the unique Symbophonics In-text Universal Phonetic System (or SITUPS). Now the learner is familiar with the basic sounds (phonemes) of English and how they are represented (graphemes), it’s time to put them together to make words. Star Words takes the child through the next stages with a series of fun, interactive games all in outer space with space age music and sound effects! In Word Builder the learner is given a word, which is then split into graphemes which have to be put back in order to recreate the word.
 Word Flash gets the learner reading the words and helps to sound the word out should the word prove too difficult. Spell Choice provides the learner with a choice of spelling of words, one correct and one incorrect and must select the correct one. Finally in Word Spell the learner hears a word and has to spell it out. There are hints in the games to help where needed. The learner, parent or teacher can change the level of difficulty of words and even select which words to test. 

Number of words to be tested or duration of the game and the speed are factors which can be changed to make the games more challenging. Achievement is boosted through scoring. Star Words can save best scores for up to 3 players.

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