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Jun, 2020


Jun, 2020



For iOS 7 and later you should instead look at our new app: TextTV II. Text-TV viewer with tapable page numbers for iPhone / iPod touch and iPad. Currently supported channels: SVT, Sweden TV3, Sweden TV4, Sweden NRK, Norway TV2 Norway TV2, Denmark Dantoto, Denmark RUV, Iceland YLE, Finland MTV3, Finland NOS Netherlands (not tapable page numbers) ARD, Germany (temporarily removed) MDR, Germany BR. Germany één Belgium (not tapable page numbers) Easy navigation: Drag left, right, up and down for nearby pages. Use "Back" button for previously visited pages. Click page links or tap the page number field at the top to enter page number manually. All sub pages displayed below first page. Use system settings to change start page and other preferences. Supports landscape mode. Shortcuts: Five configurable shortcut buttons for channel and page. Reconfigure by holding on the button for 3 seconds. You can swipe the page number at the top to go to a predefined page. Use settings on your home screen to configure. Default all swipes go to page 100. Miscellaneous: Some channels have a time at the top that is not the same as when viewed on a TV. This time reflects the time the page was changed. So you may think you read old news but it is the latest available on internet and the same as on TV. Please note: This is only a specialized web browser and relies on publications on the internet. This means that channels may disappear at any time. Requires OS 6.0 or later.

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