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Nov, 2020


Nov, 2020



A dangerous vaccine caused a powerful virus that mutates people into zombies. This deadly virus has spread causing a zombie outbreak, which means that people are in danger. Survivors must fight in this war to escape death ... Become a zombie killer and get through many difficult levels! Challenge this world of the zombie apocalypse! Challenge the zombies with the best weapon in this FPS Survival! REALISTIC SURVIVAL FPS Experience a real zombie war: Excellent graphics in the super realistic world of the 3D apocalypse, ideal for fans of horror and shooting games. Become a professional zombie killer and test your shooting skills to survive over 120 levels! HUGE DIVERSITY OF ZOMBIES AND WEAPONS The game contains 5 difficult bosses, 60 major missions, several additional missions, 2 DLC maps and many special events celebrated regularly. Choose from over 30 different pistols to kill zombies, from MP5 or AK47, to shotguns, and even a devastating grenade! Because ammunition is rare in a post-apocalyptic world, it will be very important to plan any strategy, such as saving bullets based on shots in the head! Upgrade your weapons and equipment to become a stronger survivor and face more challenging enemies! Apocalypse is here, so take part in this game and become a hero fighting the undead! Will you run or shoot in this zombie invasion?

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