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Jan, 2023


Jan, 2023



Advent is a fun and unique app which allows you to create personalised advent calendars in the lead up to Christmas. It’s the perfect app for reminding partners and friends how much you care about them during the festive season! Once you’ve created an Advent, recipients will receive a daily notification in the lead up to Christmas so that they are able to view the Advent you have created for them. You can customise what you would like your message to say on days between the 1st and 25th December so those closest to you know you’re thinking about them! Creating an Advent is simple! Get started by inputting what you want to say on each of the days and Advent will create a unique Advent Code & Recipient Password to give to your recipient. They just need to enter this on their app to view it! A Creator Password is also shown for you to take note of so that you can edit an Advent’s content later on. Advent is the perfect advent calendar app for couples wanting to remind their partner they’re thinking about them and show how much they love them! Say it with Advent this Christmas! Get in contact: Email: [email protected] Twitter: @AdamFootDev Website: Please note creating an Advent requires a small in-app purchase. The recipient will not be charged to add the Advent once it has been paid for by the creator.

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