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Jan, 2023


Jan, 2023



Meet Escape Island, the unique sort puzzle game will present you a great experience and fun. It is an easy to play addictive puzzle game that will relax you at the same time! Sort the colored little men on the islands and get them together until each color is on the same land. It is a challenging and relaxing game to exercise your brain! EASY GAMEPLAY • Tap any island to pass little running men to their own color • It works only if you can pass them if the island is linked to the same color and there is enough room on the island • Do not get stuck • If you get stuck you can undo your moves up to 5 times or restart the level FEATURES • Hundreds of challenging levels • Free to play • Pretty easy one finger control Do you like mind games and color puzzles? If you played our brain games Braindom 1, 2 and 3, be sure that you will like Escape Island too. We present to you the best and most unique 3D mind practicing game ever! Join Matchingham Games Family with more than 100 million players enjoying brain teasers! It's a challenging color puzzle and as much as it's fun with easy to play controls. Just sort the same colored little men on the same island and do not get stuck! If you get stuck, you can use the boosters or restart the level at any time to help you with getting little men together. It is easy to figure out, just sort all the same colored men on the islands. Which level can you reach? Ready to break the world record? Right now, install now and play this challenging and unique brain exercise game to have fun! Enjoy Escape Island, committed to fun!

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