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Dec, 2022


Dec, 2022



Fast Private Internet Browser is a private surfing internet browser that you can use for any online searches. It works just like a regular browser: use the top bar to search for anything you want! So, what makes it different? With this browser, using our Built-in AdBlocker, all tracking of external ads will automatically be blocked, including some annoying content you probably wouldn’t want to see! If you wish to add a bit more privacy to your searches, we added an “incognito button” to our main bar, where you can simply tap once to open an incognito tab, a history-free browser that registers nothing! Don’t worry about history search, password saving… anything! Merely tap the same button after you finish your search and all data will be cleaned. For more information about the data blocked by the Adblocker, all website pages include an icon where you can check approximately how many ads have been blocked and other features such as the time you saved by not viewing those ads, etc. Features of this app include: Built-in AdBlocker Bookmarks Incognito Mode Browsing with more speed Personalized bookmarks Browsing history Recent tabs And much more!

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