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Let Instructor take away the chore of ADI admin and put the focus back on teaching pupils! Instructor is the perfect companion for driving instructors to track learner progress as they build up to pass their driving test. With a simple and intuitive design, it’s the perfect app for any ADI to use to manage their students. Instructor contains these great features: PROGRESS TRACKING As a driving instructor, knowing how well your students have progressed is crucial. Luckily, Instructor makes that quick & easy! A simple 0 to 5 coloured scale allows you to visually see how well a pupil is doing on a per topic basis. Add comments to point out what they’ve done well and ways in which they could improve. LESSON PLANS ADIs can use the Next Lesson feature to quickly enter a next lesson date and time to set when a student’s next lesson is. Add some comments to remember the last lesson’s contents and start planning for the next lesson. BUILT-IN TOPICS As an ADI, time management is critical which is why setup has been made quick and simple to complete. Instructor has a number of preset topics that allow you to get started in teaching driving right away! The preset topics included are: - Show Me Tell Me - Mock Test - Legal Responsibilities - Cockpit & Controls - Safety Checks - Moving, Meeting & Stopping - Anticipation, Planning & Speed - Crossings, Signs & Markings - Junctions - Roundabouts - Dual Carriageways - Country Roads - Town/City Centre - Manoeuvres - Controlled Stop - Independent Driving - Other Conditions - Environmental Issues - Passengers, Loads & Security - Motorways CUSTOM TOPICS Whilst a quick setup is useful, those looking for more customisation, can also choose to create their own topics to evaluate a learner against or, remove the existing preset ones. They’re easy to create and can even be assigned on a per student basis too! AVAILABLE FOR FREE Instructor is free to use with a limited set of ADI features so that you can trial the app. If you’re looking for an app without limits, upgrade to Instructor+ within the app. INSTRUCTOR+ If you’d like access to an advanced set of features, upgrade to Instructor+. You can choose between monthly, yearly or lifetime subscriptions. DATA SYNC If you’re using more than one device, Instructor automatically syncs all of your learner progress across all iCloud connected devices. UNIVERSAL PURCHASE Download once and get access to the app across iOS, iPadOS and macOS. Your Instructor+ license also works across multiple devices too! Get in contact: Email: [email protected] Twitter: @adamfootdev Website: Privacy Policy: Terms of Use:

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