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Jan, 2023


Jan, 2023



MediWidget brings a Medical ID to your Home Screen or Lock Screen in the form of Widgets - you never know when you might need it. If you ever get into a medical emergency, you can rely on MediWidget to be there to inform first responders about your medical details. Using the Widgets, responders can view your medical conditions, medication, general details and much more - all from your Home Screen or Lock Screen so there’s no need to even open the app or unlock your iPhone! MediWidget contains these great features: WIDGETS All of your medical details can easily be displayed on your Home Screen or Lock Screen so that first responders can easily find out your medical conditions, personal details and who to contact. Widgets are fully customizable with a variety of layouts so you can get the look you’re after for displaying your data. MEDICAL ID MediWidget has been designed for your iPhone so all of your medical details are within easy reach. You’ll be able to view personal details, medical conditions, allergies & reactions, medication and emergency contacts from multiple widgets and in-app. EMERGENCY CONTACTS If you’ve chosen to add emergency contacts to the app, you’ll be able to call them with just a tap from the app or Widget. CUSTOMIZATION MediWear offers the ability to fully customize the Widget and whether a Star of Life or medical Cross is used when displayed on the Home Screen or Lock Screen in compatible Widgets. STORED SECURELY All medical ID data is stored securely on your own private iCloud account using the secure Keychain functionality. No data ever leaves your device. SYNC MediWidget was designed to work with the MediWear and MediSOS apps so you’re able to enter your medical ID once and use it everywhere. Syncing is done automatically through the shared Keychain and enables you to pick and choose which medical ID apps you’d like from the MediApps bundle. You can find out more about these apps here: MediWear: MediSOS: MediApps Bundle: Get in contact: Email: [email protected] Twitter: @adamfootdev Website:

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