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Jun, 2020


Jun, 2020



Your decisions will determine how long you will be on the throne. You're the only one who can rule in the monarchy! As long as you are on the throne, everyone will have their wishes, each election will affect another power of your empire. You have to keep the balance, so you don't lose the throne. You will need to make decisions to protect your land with your throne. With simplified versions of true war tactics in history such as the conquest of Constantinople, the Battle of Thermopia, the Battle of Nigbolu, the Battle of Deligrad, and the siege of Alaşehir, you will make the conquests as commander. Every month you reign, you face a different challenge. Your elections will have consequences for the state treasury, the people, the army, and your authority. Your tactics in battles will determine whether you can conquer more territory besides the problems of your kingdom. You'll have to deal with wars, assassins, and mysterious guests. At the same time, the demands of your clergy, people, palace dynasty will offer you difficult choices. As a ruler, you must make impulsive, tolerant, cruel, or loving decisions to avoid losing power. You must make choices by considering the intrigues of the palace and prolonging your stay on the throne because there are many suitors on the throne.

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