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Jan, 2023


Jan, 2023



Hi Baddie Girl! Are you ready for the longest nail-walk? Get ready to rock the podium with your long nails! Play this fun game, show your charming catwalk and twerk at the final with all baddies. Make your nails longer by collecting the ones on the podium. Slide down the rails and bars! Jump on the trampolines and fly as a queen. There are obstacles on the way, watch out for your long rails! There are narrowing walls, roller obstacles, balance boards, giant nail clippers. Escape from the traps. Slide down the rails with your long beautiful nails. Overcome the guys on your way by your long, shiny, colorful nails. You look awesome! Be careful about your nails! As a baddie girl with beautiful nails, have the best fun of your life.

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