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Jun, 2020



*** This app was reviewed and rated 4.5/5 on*** This application helps physicians who manage patients at the acute phase of stroke. It contains: - NIHSS calculator - rt-PA checklist for inclusion and exclusion criteria according to the American Stroke Association Guidelines - AHA '2018 guidelines about endovascular treatment - AHA '2015 guidelines about management of intracerebral hemorrhage - Time manager: specify the hour of symptoms onset and hospital admission to get au automatic determination of the time to treatment - ABCD2 score to calculate stroke risk for patients presenting with transient ischemic attacks - CHA2DS2 VASc score to calculate stroke risk for patients with non valvular atrial fibrillation - Modified Rankin Scale **** On Apple Watch **** - Time manager to determine time to needle - ABCD2 Score - CHA2DS2 VASc Score This app is dedicated to physicians working in the field of neurology or emergency. It can also be helpful for residents and medical students.

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