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Dec, 2022



An amazing dog health monitor app that allows you to listen to your dog's heartbeat (using just your iPhone microphone), then record and share with your Vet. Whether it is a Black Labrador or a Daschund, Snoopy will work with any breed of dog. No Accessories required. Designed to help dog breeds who may be prone to dog heart murmurs. However, we strongly recommend using Airpods or bluetooth headphones for listening to and recording your dog's heartbeat. "Yes, it works. Very cool." Craig Laws, Beta Tester and his Border Collie, Storm. HELPING DOG HEART MURMURS / CONGESTIVE HEART FAILURE (CHF) Over 60% of all dogs who are 5 years old or more have a dog heart murmur. Snoopy helps track and monitor your dog's health by regularly recording their heart rate and rhythm. Ideal for those at risk of dog heart murmur. - Irregular heartbeat or racing pulse - Hacking, persistent cough - Excessive panting even when resting - Lack of energy or appetite - Collapsing or fainting - Gums and/or tongue are bluish in color - Severe water retention Snoopy allows you to: - Listen to, record and share your dog's heartbeat - Log data about your dog over time - Share data and recordings with your vet for them to check your dog remotely Developed with pet owners like you in mind: A trustworthy, safe and easy-to-use way to record the dog heart beat regularly to share with your vet online - thus saving on expensive trips. The quality of the recordings are unrivalled. Snoopy has been extensively tested on various dog breeds of all shapes and sizes from border collies to black labradors and spaniels, including those with congestive heart failure and using cardalis app. "I was skeptical at first. Great app! Worth it." - Mike and his dog, Freddie. **** But honestly, does it actually work on all dog breeds?? **** Yes. We've sound-engineered ways to attempt to isolate the dog's heartbeat sounds and, using an advanced algorithm, amplify them making them easier to detect and hear. It takes time, technique and patience. The app will work on all breeds including puppy heart rates! Ideal for owners concerned about their dog's heart health or dogs with CHF (congestive heart failure) or using cardalis. We want you to be happy with Snoopy. If you are struggling DO contact us via support. We want to help you! FAQs **** No Accessories Required **** We use your phone's internal microphone to attempt to listen to and record your dog's heart rate. We recommend the use of Bluetooth headphones for better sound and generally dog's prefer this but it isn't required to use the app. **** How It Works **** 1. Snoopy Dog Heartbeat has been precisely engineered to listen to dog heartbeat sounds, then record and amplify them. 2. It works best when the dog is lying down and with Airpods or Bluetooth headphones. 3. Wet your dog's hair around the heart to ensure a good connection with the skin. Remove the case, be in a very quiet room. 4. Our simple recording management makes it easy. 5. Take a dog selfie if you wish and share. 6. Track and monitor your dog's health weekly. **** Easy Share Feature **** You can opt to share via Facebook, Whats App, Instagram or email to send over to your vet. **** Before you start... **** You DO need to carefully follow the instructions for Snoopy to work. A quiet room is critical for results as the mic is super-sensitive in the heartbeat range. Snoopy doesn't fake the heartbeat. **** Supported Phones **** 13, 13 Max, 12, 12 Max, X, Xs, XR, 11, 11 Pro, 8, 7, 7+, SE, 6s, 6s+, 6, 6+. We don't support iPad. Use the device on Airplane mode. **** Is it a substitute for medical devices/support? **** No. Under no circumstances is Snoopy a substitute for veterinary consultation. Please consult a professional for any advice. Please do check our T&Cs before downloading. For results examples: Dog heart murmurs can be found in all breeds of dog.

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