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Tap Tap Send takes the pain out of sending messages when you're in a rush by letting you quickly fire off pre-typed messages to your favourite contacts. Designed for quick, one-handed, thumb tapping use. Simply Tap to select a person, Tap to select a message, Tap send, and you're done. With Tap Tap Send you can quickly send text messages, iMessages, emails or make phone calls. Simply bookmark the people you message the most, then enter the messages you might want to send them. Now you're all set for the next time you're in a rush. Popular templates include: Have you left work yet? Stuck in traffic again. And ... At the supermarket, need anything? With both individual and global templates you can make your messages as personal or as generic as you want. Global templates are shown for everyone, they help cut down on repetition and make it easy to fire off messages to an occasional contact. Template variables can also be used to add a personal touch. As “GingerThreads” put it in her 5-Star review recently — Be the envy of your texting friends by being a frequent & fun communicator, without a huge time investment … Highly recommended! Tap–Tap–Send — and you're done.

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