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Improve your Tennis with Tennis Tracking App! Track all your tennis shots using Artificial Intelligence and an iPhone + Tripod. It's the easy way to monitor your games and improve your tennis skills. Features: - Full Video Record your complete match for AI analyses of all your tennis shoots. - Mini-video The AI will record all your balls hits so you can explore them later to improve your tennis skills! Why watch a full hour of tennis training or game when all you want is to watch your shots in a few minutes video? - Photo frames The AI will automatically save still images of all your shots so you can share with others or use them to improve your body posture before hitting the ball. - Hit speed * Are you hitting hard enough? Know exactly the hit speed for all your tennis shots. - Heat map * Are you having trouble in hitting balls near the line? Know the precise contact point of all received shots. * Requires the calibration of the court with the video. You will need to overlap at least two horizontal and vertical lines to complete this process. Using Tennis Tracking App is really easy. You just need to mount your iPhone on a tripod and place it at the center of the court and start recording your side. When you stop recording you will have a full length video and a mini-video and photo frames of all your shots. You can than proceed to the calibration to have the Hit speed and heat map. You can also import/upload pre-recorded games filmed on other phones to the Tennis Tracking app and apply the same AI to get the mini-videos of your shots and the other features. Share your tennis training sessions with your friends or only special shots. Note: The Artificial Intelligence built-in Tennis Tracking App is being developed for over two years. We aim to achieve the ultimate Tennis app for both amateur and professional tennis players, but this project is still being improved. Send us an email with your improvement ideas to [email protected] . We will need your precious feedback! Visit us at:

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