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Get the whole story! • The complete Bible. • 340,000 easy to use cross references links and notes. • Explanations of terms and theology. • Historical and cultural background. • Search the entire Bible text. • Audio option. The Bible is a library. The books include royal history, prophecy, poetry, challenging letters to struggling new faith communities, and believers' accounts of the preaching and passion of Jesus. Knowing the genre of the book you are reading will help you understand the literary tools the author is using and the meaning the author is trying to convey. Do Translations Matter? A good translation will have notes and annotations to help you understand the text. The notes may provide alternate readings of passages that are unclear, help in understanding plays on words, and brief explanations of how passages might be interpreted. The notes and translations were produced in cooperation with brothers and sisters of many denominations so that "all Christians may be able to use them". It does not necessarily mean that all the experts and bishops involved in the review agree with every decision made by the translators. It simply means that the text of Scripture is translated accurately and that nothing included in the text or notes is contrary to Christian teaching. You will not require an internet connection to read the bible. The entire bible will be on your device after you download the app. As you wake up. While you wait. When you meet a friend. Before you go to sleep. When the Bible is always with you, it becomes a part of your daily life. FEATURES Features include: • Easily switch between books • Move between chapters via swipe left/right gesture • Search and filter • Bookmark verses • Hypertext footnotes • Hypertext endnotes • Hypertext references • Audio option. Choose to hear the readings spoken.

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