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Jan, 2023


Jan, 2023



The 12c Modern implements the same exact functionality as the classic HP 12c financial calculator. In addition to providing 12c's look & feel and functionality, we have modernized the app with features such as recipes, interactive prompts, and register views. The 12c modern addresses two critical issues for the user: (i) knowing what is stored in each of the calculator's internal registers, (ii) remembering the exact key sequences for getting specific calculations done. The register views, accessible in the main screen, provides visibility into various register groups. You can switch between different groups of registers (such as Financial, Cash Flow, Bond, etc.), and inspect stored values. You can record your key strokes for specific calculations and store them as recipes. The recipes remove the burden of remembering the exact keystroke sequence for your tasks. You simply select a pre-recorded recipe (builtin or your own) and run. When running a recipe, the app visually prompts you with the keystrokes to press and guides you along in getting the results. The app comes with 20 built-in recipes and allows you to add/record/edit/delete your own recipes. The convenient register view on the screen allows you to view register contents as your operations proceed.

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