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Dec, 2022


Dec, 2022



Minigore 2 is a dual-stick shooter masterpiece with over 6 million players worldwide! The furries are gone and a new threat is emerging from the dark corners of Hardland. You must help JOHN GORE fight his way through sunny lakes, graveyards and freezing plains into a stormy forest where the legendary METUSALEM has brought to life murderous chefs, giant lumberjacks, killer penguins, a single moose, three hundred rabbits and the entire undead army of the COSSACK GENERAL. Will you survive? "One of the best action games on the App Store and the new mobile twin-stick shooter gold standard." - IGN "Minigore 2 feels like a true sequel that has improved upon the original in every way." - Toucharcade "Minigore 2: Zombies is everything we expected, an intense, over-the-top bloodbath." - GameTrailers "Minigore 2: Zombies is an instant classic. The endless list of unlockable weapons, characters, and items is more than enough to keep you going. The battles with enormous armies of zombies are full of excitement and fun, and the game maintains a humorous tone." - Slide to Play "It's fantastic fun." - The Guardian FEATURES: - iOS CONTROLLER SUPPORT - 300 AWESOME CHALLENGES - 20+ PLAYABLE CHARACTERS featuring guest stars such as Bike Baron, Zombieville USA and Hook Champ! - 60 DIFFERENT ENEMIES - 7 UNIQUE BOSSES - COLLECT LOOT TO BUY UPGRADES & ITEMS IN THE MERCHANT'S WAGON - MELEE & RANGED combat with over 10 weapons! - COMPANION & BEAST GAMEPLAY for each playable character - PROCEDURAL ANIMATION brings zombie reactions to a whole new level - PROPRIETARY ENGINE capable of showing 150 zombies on the screen at once - RANDOM PATTERNS guarantee the fights never feel the same - CINEMATIC LIGHTING that looks great on latest devices! - UNIVERSAL BUILD Find us on Facebook:

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