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Jan, 2023


Jan, 2023



Do you want to train your brains and imagination? Then play in the new fascinating 3D puzzle Poly Mania! This free game is the magic poly sphere where you need to bring all the pieces together. Each low poly puzzle presented to the player like colorful pieces of the image. The pieces are stationary, but the player can rotate them the entire 360 degrees like a poly art sphere to figure out the jigsaw puzzle. Have some doubts? Look at these advantages! + Free poly art puzzles! Where do you find so many free images? + Unique low poly art + The game without Internet or WIFI + Poly mania is an amazing 3D world where you can train your imagination + Poly mania is teaching you to look at the difficult things on the right angle + Antistress and relaxation + You can create masterpieces from the mess of colorful shapes + You can share with friends and be more imaginative together Use hashtag #polymania to share your low polygonal masterpieces in the networks. Please, rate us if you like this puzzle game. Your opinion is very important for improving the app.

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