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Jan, 2023



Track your course work collaboratively. Track your progress individually. Studious is an all-in-one app built to keep student life organized. Studious uses the cloud technology to allow collaborative tracking of your courses and course deliverables. You no longer need to enter every detail individually. Studious lets you - manage your course schedule - collaboratively track assignments, tests, labs, etc. Think Wikipedia as an example! Any assigned-work entered by one student can be seen by all students in the class, thus (i) reducing the data entry work, and (ii) giving you the ability to know precisely when/what is due. - privately track your progress in each class (scores, completion status, grades so far, etc.) - privately make study plans on when to work on what, even planning your extra-curricular activities (meetings, clubs, exercise/work-out) - a chat room for each class for those late night questions with fellow students - track your grades/GPA over the terms - know your daily schedule at a glance so you are always on top of your work - your schedule, scores, grades, study-plans, etc. remain completely private Designed exclusively for college and high-school students.

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